Equipment : Glove Box System

Model  :  WG2200S (WOOSUNG HI-VAC)



Prevent oxidation of thermoelectric material

-Storage of thermoelectric material
-Experiment on thermoelectric material

General information

-Dimension(mm) : 2200L 780D 870H
-Material : Stainless steel 304
-Glove : Butyl glove 8" dia 15mill 2.0pair
-Antechamber(350Dia 550Length)
-Mini ante chamber(110Dia 300Length)
-Purifier :single column
-Removal of moisture & Oxygen
-Purify rate : Less then 1ppm H2O, O2
-Full automatic regeneration system
-H2 Mix gas for regeneration
-Pressure control system


-Pumping speed : 200L/min