NIT :: NanoIC Technology Lab


Ongoing projects

DATAProject nameSupporting Institution
Dec, 2017 ~ Jan, 2022 Development of high performance substrate-free thermoelectric power generator for improving power generation efficiency of photovoltaic-thermoelectric power generation system Ministry of Education, Science and Enginering
Aug, 2015 ~ Feb, 2020 Flexible Thermoelectric Semiconductor Device Technology Center Ministry of Education, Science and Enginering
Sep, 2011 ~ Aug, 2020 Development of Nanodevice for Soft Electronics Ministry of Education, Science and Engineering
Jun, 2014 ~ May, 2019 Technology Development of Ge nMOS/pMOS FinFET for 10nm Technology Nodes Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology
Feb, 2017 ~ Jan, 2019 Reliability Study of Charge Trap Flash Memory by Fluorine Incorporation SK Hynix

Terminated projects


Project name

Supporting Institution

Jan, 2017 ~ Dec, 2017 Advanced Doping Technology Using iCVD Process for Sub 10 nm CMOS Technology Node Lam Research Corporation
Jan, 2014 ~ Dec, 2017 Smart Graphene Sound Speaker Samsung Electronics
Apr, 2015 ~ Mar, 2017 Advanced Ultra-Low-k Dielectric Technology using iCVD-Based Process Lam Research Corporation
Oct, 2014 ~ Sep, 2016 Research of Metal ALD for Gate-last Process of MOSFET SK Hynix
Sep, 2015 ~ Jun, 2016 Extension of Research Project: Investigation on the Performance of Graphene as Anti-electromigration Cap and Diffusion Barrier Layer for Advanced Cu Metalization Lam Research Corporation
Jul, 2010 ~ Jun, 2015 Development of high mobility Ge MOSFET for less than 15nm logic devices. Samsung Electronics
Sep, 2010 ~ Aug, 2015 Development of high performance graphene device IC technology Ministry of Education, Science and Engineering

Jan, 2010 ~ Dec, 2010

Advanced Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Recovery System.

Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea

Oct, 2012 ~ Sep, 2014 Investigation on the effects of plasma and wet chemical treatments on graphene. Lam Research Corporation
Jun, 2013 ~ May, 2014 Research of interface between poly-Si and tunnel oxide in 3D NAND flash memory. SK Hynix Semiconductor
Aug, 2013 ~ Jul, 2014 Research of Metal ALD for Gate-last process of MOSFET. SK Hynix Semiconductor
Jun, 2008 ~ May, 2014 A Study on Graphene synthesis and its properties. Ministry of Education, Science and Engineering
Aug, 2009 ~ Jul, 2014 Development of composite hybrid device made of organic/inorganic nanomaterials. Ministry of Education, Science and Engineering
Jun, 2010 ~ May, 2014 Research on essential technologies for the realization of mW-level flexible thermoelectric device. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Jun, 2012 ~ May, 2013 Research on Junctionless Flash memory for 3D NAND Flash memory. SK Hynix Semiconductor
Jan, 2008 ~ Jan, 2009 Graphene Substrate Technology. Sematech International
Feb, 2008 ~ Apr, 2010 High-K dielectric project for flash memory and DRAM capacitor applications. SK Hynix Semiconductor
Jul, 2009 ~ Dec, 2009 Development of high efficiency thermoelectric device and wake-up radio technology for a self-sustainable wireless sensor node. KAIST
Feb, 2009 ~ Oct, 2010 Development of high-K dielectric for Flash memory. SK Hynix Semiconductor
Jan, 2010 ~ Dec, 2010 Graphene based Nanomaterial. KAIST
Jun, 2010 ~ May, 2011 Improvement of data retention in Flash memory devices using ALD charge trap layer. SK Hynix Semiconductor
Sep, 2010 ~ Aug, 2011 Development of Hybrid (Organic/Inorganic) Gate Dielectric technology for graphene device. Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)